• Andrea Michaelsson

  • s/t
  • Limited edition. 50 uds.
    Mixed media on paper.
    30 x 40 cm.

If in the avant-gardes Duchamp premièred the concept of “object trouvé “ where the objects with textures apparently defective looked for the perceptive effect of the defect, are now the walls those that fulfil such function.

Andrea Michaelsson (Barcelona 1977) uses what rotted to shout a “mur trouvé” with his irregular surfaces, adding rests of pollution and announcements, where doors and windows bricked up turn into the perfect frames for the own expression of his work. Walls looked for and opposite, no as at random, turn into an ideal support for spread the work. Any citizen of go wistle can see his art exposed in the walls of the city without the need to attend to a museum or gallery. The art gives another turn of nut to the democratisation, any one can see it without have to access a museum or gallery.

His characters detain and nail in us his look doing us reflextion on the step of the time. They speak us since other periods and asking us, which are doing, where will go to stop.

His work characterises for the Intertextuality. Portraits with strong load nostalgic are shaken by pinzellades full of strength and colour. Taujanes Magentas and fucsias challenge to the evoked photographies in black and white.
They go out to flotation in his works the precepts of the postmodernitat; eclectic, ephemeral, a sign of the lost of social cohesion or how would say Gilles Lipovetsky “was him of the gap” or “the empire of the ephemeral”.

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