• Eva Vázquez

  • s/t
  • Ink on paper.
    30 x 40 cm
  • 225€

I was born in Barcelona where I actually work and reside. My mother is from the Philippines and my father Catalan, therefore I was rised in an interesting cultural mixture. My childhood and adolescence where marked by a creative atmosphere among the fantastic wooden model planes that my father used to build, and my mothers sculptures, and both of my grandmothers crochet works.Being still quite small I started drowing and painting, and played needels and thread, which, when I finished school led me naturally to decide to take up Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona. Meanwhile, I also had the opportunity of working at the studio of my uncle the sculptor Roberto Abraham, where he introduced me to the art of working and soldering different metals. Since I consider that Art and Philosophy are inseparable, I have also taken up the career of Philosophy at the University of Barcelona UB.

The theme of my work is based upon Nature and the vital processes, the human beig as an animal who lives trying to ignore nature which is where he belongs, life as a tissue, woven relations, etc. The materials and technics I work with are normally those that I have used since chilhood, which to me are loaded with conceptual context: drowing, embroidery, sewing, painting, crochet, etc. I draw inspiration of introspection, observation of daily life in the city, immersion in Nature, and voyages. During a trip to India I was fascinated by the embroidery and the fabrics of the country. Upon my return, to improve the technics learned from my grandmothers, I left for Central Saint Martins in London to take up a course based on the application of traditional embroideriy technics in contemporary creation. Since then, embroidery forms an essential part of my work, combined with the other techincs that I use.


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