• Rebeka Elizegi

  • Mina
  • Handmade collage, lacquered wood frame
    30 x 42 cm

I have dedicated many years to working with this technique.  After a period of experimentation with large format digital collage, I am currently working manually: I have returned to scissors, glue, and the exploration of various materials. At the moment I'm working in small, medium and large format, but always applying handmade collage techniques. I like to combine thumbnails and large pieces in the same space, thereby creating a universe of "flying" figures out of paper and cardboard. I often work with silhouetted figures mounted on foam and wood, which seem as if they were "floating" next to the wall, projecting a small shadow, and creating an effect of lightness and volatility.

The female figure is largely the central focus of my work. I also work on the idea of generic diversity and sexual ambiguity, always with surrealistic and suggestive language, and allowing total freedom of interpretation to the observer: The observer’s interpretation always seems the most interesting to meDepending on who and how the pieces are looked uponit can be very different to the author's, which is always unilateral and is simply the starting point of the work.
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+ original work by Rebeka Elizegi
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