• Antonio Carretero

  • Fun
  • Acrylic on canvas

    97 x 130 cm.

Born in 1975 in Valencia, Spain, Antonio Carretero was starts his interest in estructural complexity of compositions while studying Fine Arts at the Polytechnic University of Valencia. When he completed his MFA in painting in 1999 was considered one of the most promising artists of his promotion, being the recipient until that time, of several awards, including two prizes for painters under 21 from the Fine Arts Circle in Lleida, Cataluña.

In 2006, moved for his insatiable desire for renewal, focused his efforts in creating his most ambitious project: the Over trilogy. Three series of large abstract canvas almost saturated of color and dynamic elements. Quickly gained international recognition, been awarded in 2007 with a first prize in the "Artperiscope" contest (Polonia) among other 700 visual artists from around the world.

Until today, Carretero’s work has been seen in over 50 solo and group exhibitions and has been recognized with more than 20 awards like a first prize in the "the first of Fariña" (Spain) (which reproduced his painting in more than 150000 bottles of wine worldwide distributed).

He currently lives and works in Valencia and some of his latest works can be seen in galleries from Berlin and Barcelona.

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