• Vanessa Linares

  • Lugar donde se produce un crepúsculo
  • Mixed media, acrilic and oil on canvas
    130 x 162 cm

I do not draw very good. Neither I kill me. I look for to transmit questions, states of spirit, things that think, internal rectifications, impulses. Then an object inanimate, if it is not because I have it personificate itself with some eyes or a mouth, does not serve me. For this reason go out faces and more faces. What say that I do not know to draw too well is because it likes me the spontaneous drawing and if you say me draws a motorbike, then I have to think a lot and as I already say, that is not easy to me. I have to look and then the referent is no longer internal and expressive.

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+ original work by Vanessa Linares
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