• Joan Canals

  • s/t
  • Mixed media on paper
    50 x 67 cm

The protagonists of the pictorial world of Canals are small, seemed to animals. The artist shouts them fondly "fenomenolillos". This name reflects the phenomenal and the human that belong them to them. The "fenomenolillos" are solitary or appear as a cloud. They love and fight  . They are aggressive and defend his existence with his enormous mouths. In many cases the "fenomenolillos" act isolated and solos. Always they are unable to communicate together. Very often they are images invested of the psychic situations of the artist. The subject of the "fenomenolillos" appears in Joan Canals's work from principles of the years 90 how a conductive thread. These beings inhabit the universe of the artist. Besides in the pictorial work of Channels form part portraits – for example the series of the "rostres" – and landscapes.

Always it is experiencing with colours and technical in several addresses. Like this they arise preferably works on paper, in small format also works on handmade paper. Channels draws, pint to the watercolour, pint to the oil, works with colours acrylics and different varnishes, does collages... but it prefers to combine different pictorial and graphic technicians.

Karin Mueller

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+ original work by Joan Canals
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