• M. A. Hernández i Subirachs

  • Entre els matolls dorm la noia que hem vist al restaurant. No la despertis.
  • Oil on canvas.
    114 x 146 cm

To paint and to draw is for me a need and a pleasure, a torment and a satisfaction when I arrive where I want. Moments of real ecstasy that justify the whole rest.

I try to do of a small, localist and daily world something universal.

I have looked always for the beauty, even in the epoch of student, for the 80, with her '*transvanguardia ', when it was an anachronistic and devaluated term, that I did not even know that I was searching.

The beauty for me, it tells with the complexity, the color, the air, the space and many times with circular and ovoid, sometimes peripheral forms, often flat, that they give respite to the eye and truce to the spirit.

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+ original work by M. A. Hernández i Subirachs
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