• Leo Flores

  • Bajando de la montaña
  • Pencil on paper.
    48 x 41 cm

My main interest is the question of perception. I see perception as a process of nutrition. In the process, I can be nurtured, or not. When I perceive, I eat. When I am perceived, I am food. Refine perception is similar to eating better quality food. My art is a decoy. As an artist-hunter, my drawings are bait to catch the attention of watching them.

Once in the ground, transmission occurs food-knowledge. Two-dimensional imaging, my art is food of dubious quality ... is the residue of the process of perception. What remains, remembrance, memory.

Therefore act as reinterpreted / provider of waste. If a drawing (decoy, waste, rendered image) made by me, comes to motivate someone to receive the daily life of a new, part of my job is done. And if one of my drawings, moves to another to make their own art, then my task is complete.

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