• Berta Fortet

  • Sweet dreams, bad dreams. Nightmare #01
  • Mixed thecnique on radiography.
    Lightbox. 30 x 40 cm
  • 200€

I've always drawn. In school and in college, I use to let the notes full of doodles and drawings. I seemed like a caring and exemplary student, but in reality was clueless and absent. Later, working in veterinary medicine, I balances work and art. And so I continued until now, painting. I can not stop doing it.

I am interested in creating characters full of stories to convey emotions. To Portraits from a personal look and psychological, that are halfway between a painting and a photograph. Characters are mostly thoughtful, sad, nostalgic... through them I express my own fears and anxieties. Exteriorizing with paint what can not be expressed with words. I release this kind of feelings that oppress me.

I use oil paint, usually on canvas, but I like to investigate other materials such as radiography. Radiographs allow me to create an hard atmosphere where the images I paint meant to be tender and innocent. The X-ray translucent effect with the light helps me to create this double reading. I pretend that the images are ambiguous, to convey emotions, but are open enough for the viewer to re-interpret from their own experience.

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+ original work by Berta Fortet