• Oli Bradley

  • You (II)
  • Oil on canvas.
    50 x 50 cm
  • 350€

Australian born painter, Oli Bradley, explores the futility of our existence and modern day connection through the mediums of oil on canvas and acrylic on paper. 

In her most recent series 'You and Me' 2010, the artist uses sexual encounters as a metaphor for our primitive physical necessity to connect. Visceral longing often depressed, displaced or confused by our illusory affair with approximated, technological and dull means of communication.
This emotive energy is tangible in the brushwork and application of paint, illustrating our inherently flawed and original, frail, subtle nature.
Her previous series was described as a 'bold, emotive homage to the relentless honesty of nature'. She interpreted the uniquely Australian spacial relationship with the desert landscape in the same expressive style.
Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, Bradley has travelled, painted and photographed throughout Europe and Asia. After a successful photography career the artist returned to painting in order to achieve a more direct and tangible level of communication with her audience.
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