• Federico Sancho

  • s/t
  • Mixed thecnique on paper.
    30 x 40 cm
  • 250€

Through brief but steady pulse in a constant process of accumulation into a final form, there are records that store accidental. As the form develops, these records make up over time a genetic map for intuitive growth, where they find out different stages. A truly constructive deployment, governed by turbulence and eddies of the fluid, dynamic structures of the image. A growing body complex, poured from a distant culture to stay. Vestige of matter, the continent of beats, preamble of identity, biting final copy. Are your networks that they attack your body that reveal the flow of life. Your identity as a form and this process has banished impulse to transform into a static form and develop in our retina. An encounter with reality distorted or deformed.

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