• Interpretant el paisatge

  • Ramon Vila - Xavier Teixidó - Nicolás Monsonís
  • From 05/04/2017 to 29/04/2017
  • Vila, Teixidó and Monsonís in this exhibition, show us his particular interpretation of landscape. For Ramon, anonymous landscape, familiar and unknown at the same time, without the presence of human, timeless. Deposited the memories, dreams and desires to create ambiguous and nostalgic horizons.
    Xavier Teixidó tells through his work his inspiration in everyday life, in his present and the need to externalize their feelings and experiences.
    And finally Nicolás Monsonís, with a great career as an architect, transports us in his works in real landscapes, the scope of our report, which
    will we travel through our memories.
    In this exhibition we will be immersed in a time that does not exist, where silence and stillness
    installed on the subjective value of each observer.